Technology is one of the most influential things in our lives, from a simple fan, which can make warm days more comfortable, to a computer, which can calculate an expression in 3 days, which were to be done by humans would have taken 300 years. Most of these amazing things that made our lives easier are built upon “6 simple machines”, which are:-lever, wheel, and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, and screw. With these developments, we can live a more comfortable and convenient life.

Revolution In Field Of Technology

We all know about the Industrial Revolution of 1756, which happened in the United Kingdom. Still, only a few of us know that there are three more industrial revolutions, the second one started in 1840 and continued till 1960 In the United States, and the third started in 1960 and continued till 2000 in the United States and Europe. The fourth Revolution started in the present era, mainly in the European Union and the Peoples Republic of China.

In the last decade, technology has grown a lot, from a computer which took an entire desktop, to a computer that we can be carried around wherever we want to and is about 100 times better in functioning.

In the last decade, the focus is also made on renewable energy, for example, if one were to buy a solar panel in 2010, it would have cost him/her about 1000-2000 USD, but now, the same solar panel would cost about 100-200 USD, even things like 5G have been made a reality, not publically for now as a lot of infrastructures is needed for the high-frequency rays to travel. This is just an overview of what has happened in the last decade.

Various Developments Of Last Decade

The Lars decade has brought many revolutionary changes in the life and living of human beings. From the usage of modern gadgets to artificial intelligence, all has been made possible by the restless efforts of scientists and various nations who are contributing to the field. Some of the developments of the last decades are:

  • Advent Of Front-Facing Cameras

The most revolutionary change of the last decades is the development of the selfie camera, which has made it possible to take out photographs on our own. These have made the ability to capture moments of life with this modern technology.

  • Development Of New Gadget Named Tablet Or Tab

Tabs has been the fascinating development of the era since it has made a mid-way between laptops and mobile phones. These are the most portable, fashionable things one can have on their side without any issue of space capturing and so forth.

  • Rise Of Messaging Applications

There is development in the platform communication and connectivity; the rose of massaging apps has made life more aware of things around us.

  • New Sphere For Exchanging Views

Social media platforms have come as a tool for exchanging views from one to another. In the present time, numerous people are part of this platform getting the info of their choice and tastes.

  • Video Streaming Platforms

The availability of online platforms has made the accessibility to people to watch whichever show one wants to through the online video streaming platforms. These are the most convenient and comfortable platforms for working people who have free time during travel or between office hours.

  • Food Delivery Apps

These apps, which have taken the responsibility of delivering food, have made things so much easier for many of us who are not interested in going out to eat. It has made it possible to get whatever one desires at a house party or whenever they wanted.

  • Ability To Pay Digitally

Since we have seen the pandemic situation, it is crucial to know the value and importance of this development as it has made contactless payment possible and hence saving the lives of people from coronavirus.

  • Rise of Crypto-currency

Although it has not developed to the fullest, it is making a difference in society. During the pandemic, it has been seen that these will become the future currencies of the world.

These developments may look common to newer generations but are huge for the older generation who have seen it all developing and reaching youth. In this development of technology, the United States of America’s contribution is huge since most of the scientists, developers in some way, have a connection with the most powerful nation of the world of that time. With the spread of tech, many other nations are rushing and shining in the field of technological developments.


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