The most talked-about Technology niche has always been game development and e-commerce. These two have changed a certain perspective of entertainment and marketing. E-commerce is being a huge hit, and there is no doubt it will continue to be so. Its market is very much demanded and appreciated by people. On the other hand, esports and game development has a very rich industry. It has been flourishing ever since it made its name in the market. Now, moving forward to present times, there have been more tech niches, and we need to talk about them.


What is a tech niche?

Technology niche is about the kinds of technology that very few talk about or very rarely needed. It doesn’t put any huge contribution to the development of a futuristic and fast-forward environment. However, it still plays quite an important role. One of the most famous tech niches is E-commerce. We are all aware of how much benefit it has provided over the last few years. It changed the meaning of window shopping. E-commerce made it easy for customers to check out a lot of products at once. It not only saved time but money. People are very much dependent on E-commerce in their daily lives. The E-commerce industry has seen a large profit and is blooming more as the days passed by. Slowly, offline stores are ditching the traditional path and switching to online. After all, online stores have much more advantage than any other offline stores. It is doubtful whether people prefer offline shopping anymore.


Is there any tech niche that can make any difference?

There is various tech niche that is interesting and has the potential to bring some changes:

  1. Fast and cheap DNA sequencing- DNA sequencing is a well-known biotechnology concept. With the presence of advanced technology, it is becoming fast and less expensive to get the sequencing done. Currently, the success in the field of nucleic acid detection and chemistry has allowed biotech companies to process DNA on the semiconductor chip at only a thousand dollars per genome. Some companies can sequence the entire genome in a single day. This way, highly customized medicines can enter the market with the significance of curing particular people. It will be an epic change in medical history. Thus, researchers can work on several cures for severe diseases.
  2. Digital currency- By now, many people are already aware of Bitcoins and other modes of digital currency. The invention of digital currency was a genius idea. It started a new era of money transfer. Using digital currency, anyone can make a safe transaction without getting tracked. It is the most secure way of money transfer. There is no way one can do fraud through digital currency. Later, digital wallets were developed to store, buy and exchange these currencies. Not many people use these currencies. Introducing them to society in a broader aspect can help in many ways. It can stop cybercriminals from stealing money and forbid them from committing other money-related crimes.
  3. Memristors- Originally, circuits were constructed with inductors, resistors, and capacitors. But a researcher suggested that there should be another component called memristor. As its name suggests, this component can have the memory of the charges even after a power loss. It will store information, help in signal processing, brain-computer interfaces, and neural networks.
  4. Robots- In many industrial companies, robots or machines are taking over manual labor. If researchers or developers can introduce robots in an ordinary household, it will be a game-changer. With robots, work efficiency will be more, and achieving the output will be possible within minutes. It will help in speeding up work output.
  5. Waste to biofuels- Humans produce a lot of garbage. Some of the garbages are non-biodegradable. Thus, they take care to break down. It is harmful to the environment. Since some of these garbages take almost a hundred of thousand years, the earth is slowly accumulating more garbages. Turning these garbages to biofuels will not only add to the environment but the society.
  6. Gene therapy- Biotechnology has seen quite the revolution. Due to this revolution, research focus has shifted to tissue engineering, stem cells, genome mapping, and many new pharmaceuticals. Gene therapy will allow to swape DNA. Through the process, damaged genes can be replaced with good ones. Thus, preventing diseases.
  7. RNA interference- It is being used in many labs globally. The interference enables biologists to manage the functions of genes. Only RNA interference has shown an extreme potential to treat Lou Gehrig’s disease and cancer.
  8. Organic electronics- Organic electronics are related to something called cyborg. It is the half-human and half machine being, which is pretty famous in superhero comics. The development of organic electronics can save a lot of lives. It will do so by replacing the damaged limbs with upgraded prosthetics.
  9. Concentrated solar power- Electricity means the burning of fossil fuel. It emits harmful gases into the environment. The solar system is the best alternative to electrify. After being charged by the sun, these solar panels can contribute a lot more power to light up a whole town. The solar energy is money-saving, and it is reusing the energy of the heat.



What are some other interesting tech niches?

Besides the tech niches mentioned earlier, there are several others. Like solar power, there is hydro and wind energy that can be used in the same way. A decade ago, the tech niche that took the spotlight was video game development. At present, the spot has been claimed by biotechnology. It is the most anticipated niche and has a lot of potentials to add to society. Biotechnology can change the course of human bodies. Heal more than we can imagine and can beat any deadly viruses that can attack the humans. Through biotechnology, changes can be made.


Technology niches remind us how far humankind has come as a society. It can only be assumed that it will take us further in the nearing future. We can anticipate some changes along the line.



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