‘GTA V’ release will “definitely” happen before 2013 is over, according to Target Australia.

The video game hardwares and software retail company has added ‘GTA V’ to its database of upcoming releases, citing a November 1 release date for the highly anticipated open-world action adventure.

Target’s website lists Rockstar Games’ latest creation as a multiplatform title. No further details are currently known about the game.

Target Australia’s ‘GTA V’ release date now matches that of EB Games, another video games retailer in Australia.

When contacted to comment on whether Target knows something we don’t, such as the existence of a next-gen version, spokesperson for Target stated “Target remains passionate about being able to provide customers with the products they are looking for, so if there is any further news regarding GTA V, we will be sure to share it on our Facebook page.”

‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ release date has been set as November 1 at Australian retail chain?

Earlier this week, EB Games Australia listed ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ with a November 7 release date. However, the date was spotted as an error and quickly removed.

A representative for EB Games Australia told IGN that they currently have no information on GTA V’s release at this time, but will keep us updated if anything changes.

Speculation about Rockstar’s upcoming open-world action adventure has been rife ever since the game was announced earlier this year.

In September, a Target representative told Kotaku AU that “we believe it is scheduled for release in the spring [2013], although we haven’t yet confirmed this.”

This means that either: A) ‘GTA V’ will not be released during spring of next year; or B) Target does not know what they are talking about.

We’ll keep our eyes on Target Australia for further developments, and let you know when we hear more. Meanwhile you can explore upcoming GTA 5 money generator that will hopefully get released soon.


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